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Dinky's Diary

Dinky’s Diary - 09/29/2013


Dinky’s Diary - 09/21/2013

On a visit to an assisted living center in Brooksville, Dinky went into a room with four residents in their beds.  One of the men had visitors, a young lady and her 3-year-old son.  After Dinky visited the other three residents, I asked the little boy if he wanted to pet Dinky.  He shook his head no.  His mother said to him, “It’s okay honey, you can pet the horse.”  He turned to his mother and told her, “Mama, that ain’t no horse!”  She replied, “Yes it is son, it’s a little horse.”  The little boy, with a look of total exacerbation at her, emphatically stated, “I’m telling you mama, that ain’t a horse!”  She leaned over to him and asked, “Then what is it?”  He looked up at her and with a very serious tone, said, “That’s a very, very ugly dog.”  About that time, Dinky turned around and I asked the little boy, “Have you ever seen a dog with a tail like that?”  He turned and put his little hands on his hips, looks me straight in the eyes and says, “I’m looking at one now mister!”  When we left, his mother was still trying to convince him that Dinky was a horse.  We could hear him as we went down the hall, “No mama, horses are big.  No mama, horses don’t come in the house.  No mama….


Dinky's Diary - 09/12/2013

While visiting our friends at Ocala Oaks Rehab Center, a woman was being taken out by EMS on a gurney. As they moved the gurney out of her room, the EMS backing out ahead of the gurney stops and says to someone on the other end, "Stop pushing. There is a horse out here." The other EMS says back to her, "You've got to be kidding!" The first EMS says, "No, I'm serious.
...There is a horse in the hallway." I tell them to go ahead, we aren't in a hurry. As they bring the gurney out and the other EMS can see the horse, he says, "Oh, for goodness sake, you weren't kidding." The woman on the gurney suddenly sits upright and says, "Oh, that's just our Dinky," and falls back on the gurney. The EMS team didn't know what to do but laugh and take pictures of Dinky.


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